For our five year anniversary we decided to throw a party at Chattown Skatepark. It was a cold night but everyone seemed to be having a great time. We showed up with cookies and product from: Vans, Supra, Krew, Diamond Supply Co., Northern Co., New Low Skate Co., Theories of Atlantis, Traffic Skateboards, Isle Skateboards, Polar Skateboards, Pure Sodaworks and more that I know I'm forgetting. It was great to have so many great brands support us!

We just watched the park and when an obstacle started heating up we threw a quick contest. The first was the pyramid and Drew Phillips big flipped it for the prize. Next was the flat gap over the net. Alex Rose did a no-comply, Erik Phillips nollie heeled it. Randy Rhodes did so many tricks I can't even remember what all he did. A lot of people did tricks but the two winners whose names I don't know took the prize with a legit Ollie impossible and a big flip. Last was the Q-Pod where Nick Moore, New Low owner, took the prize with a picture perfect blunt kickflip out.

After the contest was everyone's favorite, the product toss! Thanks to all the brands mentioned above we had more than enough to throw out. The crowd was hyped!

Special thanks to Cameron Dell and all who signed the deck he gave us. It will be going on the wall soon!

See ya next year!