We are closing up this Saturday, May 16th. Myself, Ryan Cooper, Jim Arnold, Reed Levine & Randy Rhodes will be heading to Kennesaw, GA for round 2 of the adidas skate Copa contest. Last year's contest blew mind's. Switch front blunt the big handrail, what? Front blunt kickflip the big rail, whut? We had a few tricks in last year's recap. Here's a link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoWEQopsJhI  

The contest starts at 12:00 noon but is closed to the public until after the main event but there is a best trick on the Adidas "boost to bar" that is open to the public with a $500 purse for he who takes the cake! A lot of our friends are heading down there to cheer us on and have a great time in general so come on down! It's at the Kennesaw Skatepark in Kennesaw, GA. Here's the address for yo' gps: 3140 Old 41 Highway, Kennesaw GA 30144. Again, the Contest will start rolling around noon and it takes almost 2 hours to get there from Chattanooga so get up early. We hope to see some familiar faces! Wish us luck!! Thanks,



ps. I'll be posting all the juicy details of the trip after we get back home. Maybe even some photos...