Most skate contests are so lame to me. It's become just a bunch of really talented, really competitive assholes who just want to win and get to the next stop so they can win again and further their "career". There's not much camaraderie, mutual respect or appreciation for other skaters going on but that's just my opinion.

With that being said Skate Copa is actually a lot of fun. Sure, there's still quite a bit of that dog eat dog, last man standing, kill em all and let the heat sort em out (it was hot as blazes out there) bullshit mentality but it's only bothersome during practice. The format was really nice with each shop getting the park to themselves for five minutes. So it really wasn't much different from a normal session at home anyway. All the homies were there: Second Nature Mag, Relief Skate Supply, Stormy at Ambush, Ian from Ruin and several Chattanooga locals made the trip down to hang out for the day. We even closed the shop so Dee could come down! he highlight for me was seeing old friends and making new ones.

Still, the shit that went down out there was incredible. I won't bore you with the play by play recap. You can just watch it here:

There's not much left to say really. I didn't go to the after party buy I was informed it was a typical Atlanta party so I'm glad I just drove straight home after the contest. Those things usually end up in a fight....